Here you will find all past entries to the Intuitive Journal. I hope you enjoy perusing the archive.



December 2019

Cold and very wet has been the experience so far of this winter with temperatures feeling cold and bitter winds. After the Autumn which seem to last forever, winter came in with a bite.

Its always a shock to feel the darkness and to be plunged into this season but after the initial shock it becomes second nature to put on different clothes and eat warmer foods and rest more in the evenings.

This year the ground is sodden and there is lots of water sitting on the earth from all the rain. Colds are evident by all the red noses and sniffling going on.

This is a good time to take lots of vitamin C and echinacea.

In terms of 5 Element Acupuncture this is the season of water effecting the kidneys and bladder. These organs are vital to our life force and vitality.

They also hold our reserves that is why it is such a good time to rest and build up reserves for the coming Spring.

Drinking water can be an effort when it is cold and the kidneys appreciate lots of water as they are constantly flushing out the system.

Rest and more rest helps them too and particularly sleep and getting a good nights sleep.

Fear and stress effect the kidneys and bladder and it is important not to tax these organs with these emotions at this time of year. They need warmth and downtime and support so that you can benefit from their reserves and vital energy when it is needed in the new season coming.

Seasonal acupuncture can help with fears about being in winter and struggling with the cold and the dark. Also building up the immune system so that it can protect the body from flu, viruses, chills and bronchial problems.

Enjoy the peace of this winter and that the dark brings which encourages us to go inside and rest.



October 2019

This Autumn is wet.

It has prolonged the letting go process as Autumn is all out about letting go and also preparing to receive the new.
The leaves are still on the trees and we do not have the colours of a dry crisp sunny Autumn. They are yellowing and there are occasional splashes of colour but not a lot.

Autumn is the metal element and the season of letting go and contacting loss and grief within the body mind and spirit.
This year the letting go process is being dragged out so that whatever requires and needs to be let go of we are being given lots of time to do.

Traditionally Spring is the cleaning out season but it is Autumn that we can really let go of all that no longer serves us now before we can move into the new future, the new year.

Whatever that is for you will come up whether it is in relationship, work, health and well-being, habits, and place of habitat.

The lungs and colon are the two organs associated with the metal season and they are emphasised at this time of year. Breathing in the chi and letting go of what is no longer required in the body.

Grief is the emotion and feeling of  loss in this season. If it comes up let it go and fill up with the new. This Autumn is especially important that we let go of what no longer serves us before we head into 2020.

Symptoms can manifest in the body, mind or spirit. Breathing restrictions, bowel problems, overwhelming sadness, feelings of emptiness even a sense of dying all relate to Autumn and the metal element, go with whatever arises and let it go.

Even if its wet go out and smell the spiciness of the earth, see the mists in early morning, look for all the types of fungi growing, rustle through the fallen leaves even if they are damp! And witness this Autumn like no other but the one you are experiencing right now.


Late Summer

August 2019

As the height of summer wanes even though the temperatures may not, nature is showing the results of the year and what has been nurtured and nourished.
Already the fruits are coming through, blackberries, elderberries, rosehips, apples, pears, and lots of other berries on our beautiful trees that we love so much and are so precious to us.

What is happening in your/my life? What has this year been about?
What plans did we put in place? What seeds did we plant? What did we prioritise for this year? What did we value enough to pour our energy into with love and passion?
Were we clear enough in our body, mind and spirit to create a future for ourselves this year? All these questions, do any resonate with you?

It has been a big year for healing on many levels body, mind and spirit. We are or will be shortly seeing the harvest of what we have invested into this year. Do you have something to reap? If not why not? What has been missing in your life? What aspect and what level, body, mind or spirit?

What I know is that once body, mind and spirit are aligned and in harmony with one another, our true journey and path reveals itself and we know what our next step is with certainty.

Perhaps there is one aspect of you that requires attention it could be your physical body, possibly digestion, possibly anxiety whatever symptom you are experiencing in your physical body it will affect the mind and spirit. It could be the other way round and it is coming from a confused spirit, a lost spirt and this is affecting the emotional body and the physical body.

Everything in our being is connected and  balance and harmony between the body, mind and spirit can be balanced with energetic medicine , intuitive acupuncture using the 5 elements, a system that has stood the test of time and is rooted in the earth and connected to the heave



June 2019

As we approach the Summer Solstice on the 21 of June, the energies of the earth come into more harmony which is what we need right now.

Particularly from today up to the Summer Solstice which takes place at 4.45pm UK time on the 21 June 2019.

There is so much light which effects the whole of nature and ourselves. Yes it is a cooler summer with a lot of cloud, wind and rain this year but the light is still a huge factor on our health and well-being.

The organs of the heart and the small intestines and the two functions of triple heater and circulation are highlighted now and so these are connected to joy and happiness on all its levels body, mind and spirit.

If they are functioning in balance and harmony then it is a joyous time of energy and fullness in all relationships and enjoyment of all aspects of living on this earth.

If they are not, then there will be symptoms such as summer colds, immune system deficiencies, mucous problems, problems of being overwhelmed and too much going on and not able to sort the wheat from the chaff causing confusion in the body, mind.

Joy is a powerful emotion and its opposite of sadness can be highlighted at this time of year making it more difficult to bear because of the light and the high expectations of summer and what it means to us. You can possibly associate summer with parties, festivals and having a good time and if this is not happening then there is a vacuum which is created causing sadness to rise.

Excessive sadness causes many circulatory problems and immune deficiencies.

The Fire Element of summer can invade the Metal Element and cause problems in the colon and the lungs and associated symptoms in this Element.

The body lets us know how we are doing. Its signals are clear and prompt and it is up to us to honour our bodies wisdom by taking care in the best way we know how.

So whether the symptoms are from the body, mind or spirit, Intuitive acupuncture can help.

Have a really good summer.



April 2019

So Spring is here earlier than last year.
Its always a surprise to see nature moving again.
I don’t know whether you felt it but during last week the sap was rising in the land very fast and there was a real growth spurt, I certainly felt it in my body.
As so within so without we are totally connected to the seasons and the nature around us no matter where our heads are at.

Wonderful to see primroses, daffodils, camellias and all budding willow trees as they seem to be the first to come out.
Not to mention the blossoms of the blackthorn, cherry, apple, hawthorn and others I don’t know the names of!

The smells, sounds and the freshness of the Spring air, and the warmth returning are welcomed.

We may have been feeling tiredness or headachy or a little like “I don’t know what to eat” all signalling a need for some extra support physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

More than ever, as we are moving through exceptional historical and  astrological times, much more is being asked of us in order to evolve. At the beginning of the new year around Spring we are planting new seeds for our futures so we can harvest something better for ourselves and our planet.

This may be a good time to have some support for the liver and gall bladder but also whatever element needs support will be the one to target if you have symptoms of any sort at this time of year.

Take advantage of the restorative effects of acupuncture or any of the healing modalities that work for you so that you cant thrive this coming year on every level.

Late April additions...

Our Spring this year has been different inasmuch as we have had 2 really hot hot spells of unseasonal temperatures and then back to normal temperatures for this time of year.
The heat was disturbing as the temperatures quickly cooled in the evenings as this type of temperature comes in the summer and there are warm nights then as we have longer days and shorter nights.

Dandelions came early and I have seen the biggest daisies ever. After the initial blossoms we now have the beautiful wisterias and lilacs plus the hawthorn flowers are beginning to bloom.

The surge in temperatures have meant that the sap has raised quickly in nature and the bile in the liver and gall bladder agitated.
Many would have notices symptoms such as pain in the legs, knees, irritability, pain in the side, sensitivity to toxins of all kinds, impatience , insomnia or interrupted sleep patterns.
All of these symptoms whether from the body, mind or spirit are coming from the Wood Element and can be alleviated through good acupuncture and ease the passage from Spring now into Summer.

Any kind of detoxing or gall bladder flushes will assist the wood element so that energy flows peacefully within the system particularly towards the heart.



January 2019

So far its been a fairly mild winter very different from last year. Everywhere is looking very grey and although some shoots are showing up in the earth, its still very early in the year to be thinking about Spring, although I did see some snowdrops today and early mimosa.

Winter is a time when we can slow down in the darker evenings and choosing to turn in early and eat warming and nourishing foods. All this helps our reserves to build so that there is some energy for the new birth of Spring.

In Acupuncture terms this is the season of Water. It is an element that changes form and creates different conditions in nature in the way it expresses itself. Think of a frozen lake or steam rising from a hot spring, water has many different forms and it can be seen reflected back in us. Some part of us maybe frozen like ice, something has ceased to flow and got cold and frozen. Perhaps our heart has been effected by too many fearful situations or some trauma and this has been bothering our water element which embodies the kidneys and bladder. This will have a negative effect that can attack the heart on some level of the body, mind and spirit.

Perhaps we have run our reserves of energy dry by doing too much or burning the candle at both ends? This can result in adrenal fatigue whereby at 3pm in the afternoon we are exhausted?

Colds, viruses and flu are symptoms of depletion of energies on some level so it is important to monitor our immune systems at this time of year.

Having acupuncture is a way to balance and support our systems when required.

This time of year could be your difficult season and so take extra care of the body mind and spirit balance.

Fear is the emotion connected to the water element and too much fear injures the kidneys. Knowing this can help you to be more aware of your fear levels and protecting yourself in safe and appropriate ways.

Being overly fearful or fearless can be an indication that there is an imbalance in the water element and some support is needed.

Rest is the friend of the water element in the winter. It connects us to the rhythms of nature and we can benefit from respecting this, as nature rewards us by giving us more energy from the reserves that have been built up through rest.

Take care.



October 2018

The sun is shining and it is 17 degrees and its very warm. We have days in the last few weeks that could have been in summer if it wasn’t for the sun going down earlier and the cooler nights and early mornings.

Also we can still see a lot of green which must be due to climate change as it should be further along as we are heading into winter. Temperatures are generally in double figures not seasonal which doesn’t feel great.

This Autumn is full of inconsistencies in nature and in the world at this time. It is a time of great change and we are the movers and shakers in this. For me, I do need to check a few things out in my body that generally come up at this time of year which hasn’t changed yet. My lungs and colon are making certain noises needing attention, a little support and so I am booking into my acupuncturist for some Autumn treatment.

I also noticed swathes of sadness coming up which is an Autumn emotional response for some of us more than others depending on our own individual constitution.

As I am double metal within and metal is the element associated with Autumn I do feel it, do you?

The nicer aspects of the metal element is a focussing on the Spirit side of the Body, Mind and Spirit. I notice a need to connect and meditate more and be more aware of the realms other than the 3D one we inhabit on a daily basis.

What is also happening this Autumn Astrologically is a clearing out of the past woundings and traumas of all our lives so that we can move on to a cleaner, clearer version of who we are aligned with our connection to Source and life or not.

As we can see, every aspect of this is manifesting in our world.

Our relationship to authority, fathers and all religious, spiritual bodies is challenged as we get to be more authentic in our individual human lives. How wonderful is that.

Watch out for sudden changes in temperatures physical and emotional as these play havoc with our immune systems.

I am still waiting for the tree of heaven to go red.

With soulful love this different Autumn.



Late Summer

August 2018

The season of Late Summer has been with us a few weeks now after a very hot summer. Sweet mellow late summer has golden fields and slightly yellowing leaves now, some more advanced and beginning to fall. Fruit trees are full of sweet fruit of every kind and this year the elder is bowed down with full hanging elderberries, full of juice just like the rose hip bushes. Conkers are ripening and there is a humidity in the air so common at this time of year, feeling a bit warm and sticky.

The sweetness of Late summer can be reflected back to our appetites being satiated by all the fruit that nature has in abundance at this time of year. Earth is associated with the sweet taste. What a fruitful time in every sense of the word. Our own harvests are being gently reaped as we come to the end of summer and the endeavours of the seeds planted last Spring begin to come clear or not to us.

In the 5 Element system of Acupuncture, Late Summer is the time of Earth and is connected to the spleen and the stomach. These organs are essential to the digestion and assimilation and the consequent distribution of energy to every cell and organ in the body.

The mother is our source of nurture and nourishment and the baby deprived without with these being received and given. Digestive problems can occur from many different sources and late summer might be a time when they become more apparent.
The body, mind and spirit has different responses to the neglect of the Earth element within the human being.
There could be an aversion to the sweet taste or an over concentration on it. Lack of connection to others may be a sign that the Earth element needs attention and balance.
Symptoms such as neediness, obsessions and anxieties can come from the earth element and require attention before they become deeper symptoms.
There can be a sense of no earth due to lack of roots that earth requires to establish itself in the human being.

Whatever symptoms occur at this time of year can often be traced to imbalance in the stomach and spleen at some level, body, mind or spirit.
5 Element Acupuncture can bring balance and harmony back to the body and we get to feel good in the process.

Enjoy this wonderful Season.



June 2018

After a long winter and a cold spring, Summer has come in with so much lushness and abundance. There was an explosion of so many trees and flowers bursting into such greenness and beautiful smells. I don’t think I have ever witnessed the hawthorn as beautiful as it has been this summer and its scent.
The scents of everything have  been overwhelming and the pollen count has been the highest it has been for many, many years.
Unfortunately that has meant the high occurrence of hay fever and people really do suffer. I myself have had unusual sneezing fits near grassy areas.
Acupuncture always helps at this time of year.

Summer is the season of joy. Sunny days, relaxing in the sun when possible and thoughts of holidays after busy days at work. There are long days and short nights. Its a wonder to witness how early the dawn breaks.

Summer is not everyone’s favourite season. It can highlight the flip side of joy and can be a sad time when there are problems of circulation, not only in a physical sense but socially, mentally, and spiritually. We are body, mind and spirit and it is the balance between all of ourselves that creates peace.

Summer is focussed outwards and that can be a challenge or it can take us too far outside of ourselves that we feel imbalanced. Summer can be a time to get a seasonal check up as it can be ungrounding and can lead to excesses that harm the body, mind and spirit.

Nature is a constant reminder that everything has a season and we can appreciate and bring our seeds to fruition with the energy of the sun and the beauty that surrounds us at this time of year.




April 2018

As we enter the week of April 16 2018 the warmer weather is just arriving. It has been a long winter compared to those of 2010 and 1963 so we are ready.
There have been signs of Spring for awhile but the cold weather has held it back so we still have early Spring flowers and catkins on the trees and many trees are just beginning to bud. In some more sheltered places the blackthorn and cherry blossom are showing and daffodils are out. This year the daffodils have been splendid and alongside now the gorse is blossoming which represents hope for our coming year.

The sap has been rising slowly and so liver and gall bladder symptoms have not been as prominent, symptoms such as digestive changes, Hay fever, heightened sensitivities to stimulants, and perhaps a little more irritation than usual are common at the Spring time.
However, as the Spring now comes in at full speed in the coming weeks you may need some extra care as everything will blossom all at once because of how far we are into the Season with Summer around the corner.

I am sure it will be splendid and we all will enjoy this long awaited time. I am looking forward to the bluebells.

In 5 element acupuncture the organs associated with the Spring are the liver and gall bladder. The liver at this time of year needs some gentle care. Nettle tea and milk thistle are helpful together with constitutional treatment with can balance the system if it is a difficult transition for you personally.  If we are healthy and in balance within ourselves we can manage the Spring transition easily. If we have particular recurring symptoms that exacerbate at this time of year then it might be wise to get some help.

The liver in 5 element acupuncture is responsible for vision. It is now that we can make plans and sew the seeds for this coming year so that we are moving along our path in an aligned and enlightened way. The gall bladder is out decision maker. Making good decisions, taking as much as we can into account and discriminating  is an important process in the life of every human being. This is the time to make our good decisions so that we can take the next step in our own individual lives.



January 2018

Each winter has its own special unique characteristics and each individual has their own experience of that particular winter.
Such is the magnificence of both the natural world and the world of each human being on this planet.

This winter has been harsh in as much as it has brought snows and bitter cold to many parts of the UK. With this there have been many colds, flu and chest complaints.
This is the clearing out on a grand scale which fits in with astrological forecasts for this coming year.

The land is also killing off all the unwanted viruses and germs of the previous years that were not cleared out because of too mild winters. Its a clearing of the way for the new to come by that I mean the Spring.
The inward turning of nature and our human nature is necessary for us to replenish, rejuvenate and re-emerge to our new self and our new year.

The journey of this winter has been profound in nature and in ourself. We know the phrase “ the winter of discontent” in a way this has been it and it can only lead to the brighter, future of the new Spring that comes with more optimism and the hope for a brighter future.

Already the signs are there, the catkins on the trees, the snow drops looking so beautiful with their pure white flowers showing the purity of the bare ness of nature and how winter emphasises that quality. Yes we are all one at the deepest place within the myriad of complexities and varieties of both nature and the human being.

In 5 Element Acupuncture the 2 organs which need extra care in the winter are the kidneys and the bladder. Our kidneys represent the seat of our sexuality and require plenty of water for lubrication of all the systems of the body, mind and spirit.
The bladder requires reserves and when is there a better time than the winter to build those reserves, thus preparing us for the new energies of Spring and the new life coming to us and to our environment that we have yet to experience.

Enjoy the gifts of this winter and use the benefits of intuitive acupuncture to balance the winter within you.



2nd October 2017

So the nights are drawing in and Autumn is here with its mists and spicy smells and of course the beautiful colours of leaves turning and falling. How wonderful to brush through the papery leaves feeling like a child again!
Its still fun! Stillness pervades nature as all that was growing is being harvested and once again we are nourished by the maturing of the seeds planted back in the Spring. How is your harvest going?
What seeds have you planted this year and are you benefitting from their maturation?The stillness of nature in Autumnal nature is offset by the winds of change and as we have seen there have been stronger hurricanes in the areas of the world that generally get them.

Autumn came earlier this year and we are now well into the season. We maybe wanting different foods, warmer foods and spices as our rhythms are affected by the changing of the seasons. Perhaps like me this is one of your favourite seasons? If so make the most of it and go out and experience nature in all her seasonal glories. For me personally, I start to eat more curry and also I love making warm, root vegetable soups.
Perhaps you become more melancholic as the season taps us into our losses and corresponding feelings ?

Autumn in Chinese Medicine is the season connected to the 2 organs lungs and colon. It maybe time for some clearing out in preparation for the coming winter? Its a good time to release and let go of the clutter and the past, all that no longer serves you now and this can happen on a body, mind and spirit level as we are all connected.

At this time, as our planet is evolving at a faster rate and we are all more in tune with each other it is even more important to release all that is no longer appropriate in our lives.

Sometimes our physical organs can get stuck and need a little help, particularly if they are sensitive and we are familiar with our own individual needs. For me its a sensitivity in the lungs and also I need more attention for my bowels so that they work easily and efficiently. Theres nothing worse than getting clogged up mentally, emotionally and physically. I always have an acupuncture treatment and that sets me up for the Autumnal seasonal change.
It could manifest in any  area of our life where we feel stuck for whatever reason and this can easily be put right with some Intuitive Acupuncture.

The coolness of the air inspires busyness and it generally is a work orientated time of year. Be willing to let some rest and recreation in by breathing deeply and exercising and  making sure you are getting sufficient sleep.

Our bodies love rhythm and respond very well and work better. What rhythm does your body like?  What are your particular sensitivities? We all are made up with the same bones, organs, physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies but how is your individual being put together? and what do you need to take extra care of in Autumn?

By doing so we are more prepared for winter which emphasises the kidneys and the bladder.

Our lungs which connect us to our breath, the most precious element of our life also connect us to our spirits and the higher realms. Allow all that is for your highest good in and release all that is not out.

Happy Autumn.


Late Summer

3rd August 2017

The season has moved on and I expect everyone is feeling some changes in themselves as we move into Late Summer. Its been quite a dramatic change in temperature and the feel of the season.

Gone is the height of peak summer and now we are in a maturing, earthy time where there is a mellowness in the land. If you look at the fields they are golden yellow, yellow is the colour of Late Summer.

There is still warmth in the sun but not the intensity of summer and the days are beginning noticeably to get shorter.

The Late Summer is associated with the 2 organs, the stomach and spleen which are concerned with digestion and the transportation of energies to all the functions of the body, mind and spirit.

Earth is the association and that means the very foundations of our nurturing on all levels of the human being. The earth is our mother and of course there is the physical mother, the woman we came to

the earth through. Everything to do with food, love, emotion, psychological development, spiritual connection comes through the earth.

Once we are in the season of Late Summer, these aspects will be highlighted according to our own constitutional individual make up. We usually are made aware by signs in the body, mind and spirit which

draw our attention to aspects of the Earth within us that require support and balance.

Signs such as digestive disturbances, obsessiveness, headaches, elimination problems, breathing difficulties, nausea, overeating or not eating enough, and more….

These are signals coming from the earth element within us that is asking for help.

Earth people in the Traditional Five Element system, tend to be sympathetic, comforting and comfortable, nurturing or the exact opposite. Some Earth people I know have very comfortable homes and offices.

They make sure that all their comforts are attended to which includes anyone who comes into their environment.

However, what about the mother who is not nurturing, does not know what empathy or sympathy are, cannot respond and who does not know about nutrition and food?

The effects of this would have life lasting effects on any children born into this world. There is no earth. The ground under their feet is unstable, and growth is hampered not only on the physical level but also emotionally,

mentally and psychologically.

Earth is associated with the taste sweet. If there is no sweetness in the basic foundation of your body, mind and spirit, then there is a search and a thirst for sweetness as opposed the balance of all the flavours

in a balanced diet. How is your sweet tooth? Is it out of control? Is it responsible for piling on the pounds? Sugar in its refined form causes absolute havoc in todays diet. It is hidden in so many foods and we

do not all realise the implications of the devastating effects it has and the chronic diseases that are caused by it.

White refined sugar is responsible for many forms of diabetes and so much can be avoided with the right sugars and in a balanced way. However, todays marketing is persuasive to the unknowing and many

people are eating perhaps what they think is healthy, but in fact is not.

The maturing process is taking place in nature and also we go through our maturing development. Sometimes we will meet people who seem never have been able to mature out of their teenage years.

The egocentricity and the world revolves around me attitude has a place in the evolution of a human being. When it does not change and mature and remains in the adult serious problems occur in relationship, decisions ands choices made. This can also lead to problems in the stomach and spleen.

The earth on which all human beings live, supports and nourishes us through everything it provides, which it does abundantly and generously is to be respected and appreciated just as our earthly mother has given us so

much however wonderfully or poorly.

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can support and nourish the earth so that all the other organs and functions work in balance and harmony is restored.



30th May 2017

Summer is the season that belongs to the fire element and fire is what brings warmth, light and love also courage. In 5 Element Acupuncture, it is associated with the organs heart, small intestines, circulation sex also known as pericardium and triple heater. These 2 organs and 2 functions govern the aspects of the fire element in the body, mind and spirit.

We are currently in the season of summer and its wonderful to be in the abundance of nature with everything blooming and full of colour, smell and all the joyous sounds of summer amidst exuberant fun and play. These are the positive aspects of the fire element when it can take part and enjoy with all the benefits that come from community and social interaction.

However, what happens when this is not happening for whatever reason in a balanced way? For some people, Summer is not the joyous time it naturally is, it is a lonely and sad time. This condition is pointing to an imbalance in the fire element and with the right approach this can be harmonised energetically with intuitive acupuncture using the 5 element system.

Joy is the emotion associated with the fire element and our hearts connect us to joy in a direct way on a body, mind and spirit level. When the heart is cut off for any reason it does not feel joy. Again both the pericardium and heart work together, the pericardium protecting it and the heart doing its job and being protected at the same time.

Both this organ and this function can be affected by events on any level and cease to function in a balanced and harmonious way. This stops energy flowing in a natural way and the person will experience a direct effect of an imbalance in the expression of joy within the polarities from extreme sadness and hysterical laughter and all that lies in-between.

Intuitive acupuncture based on the traditional 5 element system can identify the cause of this and treat energetically to restore balace and harmony within the system. How wonderful that would be for the sufferer of this particular condition.

I have focused on one aspect of the fire element, the emotion of joy in relation to the heart and the pericardium as it is one that we can identify with easily. Another aspect of the pericardium is its work in maintaining balance in the circulatory systems of the body. If we can see this in a social context, relating to the above, how a person communicates to themselves is as important as how they communicate to the world around them. The connection needs to be real and authentic and this is the combined job of the heart protector and the pericardium together. Communication is key and this works as long as they are both working in a balaced and efficient way. If this is not the case, there are discrepancies between the inner and outer worlds and the person can become disassociated or cut off from either themselves or the world around them, their social group, family, and friends.
This can be treated once properly identified as coming from, as in this case, the fire element.

The long days and short nights of summer will emphasise any underlying imbalances in the fire element.
Only the person can assess to what degree they are limiting themselves and can receive the appropriate treatment from intuitive acupuncture as its power to reach all levels of the body, mind and spirit have stood the test of time for over 2,000 years with observation, practice and results.


The coming of Spring

21st February 2017

Yesterday I walked on the Heath. The air was tangible with the feeling of movement and energy. This feeling was the beginning of Spring and yesterday was the first day I felt it.

It was exciting an invigorating I felt like walking and as I walked I saw snowdrops and daffodil shoots not quite out. Some of the trees were showing the beginnings of opening buds. These were the trees that always show first so we get staggered blossoming, very clever as it gives us a longer show of beautiful blossom.

The air was warmer and people were out walking shaking off the cold days of the winter, wearing fewer layers of clothing. I could feel this change and it gave me hope as I saw the beautiful yellow flowers of the gorse bushes beginning to blossom giving out already their sweet smell.Gorse is the Bach Remedy for Hope.

This is given as emotional support for those in depression and feelings of hopelessness. Edward Bach was very clever and observant to have discovered that this beautiful flower which came out in Spring time could possess the properties that could when distilled support the emotion of hopelessness in the human being.

As the sap is rising in nature just now and we can see the visible signs in the forms of shoots and blossoms so it is rising in us, in the way we are feeling.

Yesterday despite challenges and anxieties, I felt the stirring and the excitement that comes from the first spring day.

This is the time when as we clear away the colds and viruses of winter the element of wood within us which is translated in terms of the physical, mental and spirit actions of the two organs associated with wood, the liver and the gall bladder are highlighted.

What does that mean for each one of us.

The liver perhaps needs a little attention. Traditionally this is the time for spring cleaning and cleansing liver teas. In the old days as the young nettles started to grow, they would be picked as they don’t sting  at this stage and they would be steeped in boiling water and drunk as a cleansing tea. This would cleanse the blood which the liver is highly active in the process of. Perhaps we need support to help this along?

If emotional symptoms appear such as irritability, excessive anger, depression, lack of vision, hopelessness these indicate that the wood within the person needs support. One way of giving that support is through 5 element acupuncture which is able to energetically support the liver by using moxa, a herb to stimulate the acupuncture point before using fine gage needles to stimulate creating energetic responses in the liver which in turn responds by balancing and dispelling the symptoms, resulting in feeling better and more hopeful about whats ahead.

Yesterday nature was heralding the beginning of growth and the new year ahead and all that it will entail for each one of us.How does that prospect feel for you?

Does the wood within you need some support?

Could you do with a seasonal 5 element acupuncture treatment?


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