Yin Organ: Lungs | Yang Organs: Large Intestine | Colors: White | Odour: rotten | Emotions: Grief/Sadness

What to expect

5 element acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of healing based on the observation of the laws of nature which are made up of five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These five elements are linked to the five seasons of spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter, the five odours, the five sounds, the five emotions and the five colours.

The cause of your symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, headaches, excessive anger, grief or sadness, can be identified and treated by using this elegant system of five element acupuncture.

We are all identified with one element, which never changes. It is both our strength and weakness. This is the element that is supported when symptoms occur. We call it the Causative Factor. I identify it and treat it.



When you have five element acupuncture, you’ll have more energy for life, feel stronger and more connected to who you are and the people around you. After the initial consultation, you will feel relaxed and leave with an improved sense of wellbeing which continues as your body, mind and spirit heal.

A typical 5 element treatment session

A 5 element acupuncture session with me is relaxing and even after the first one, you’ll leave with an improved sense of wellbeing and energy, which carries on as your body continues to heal. I’ll explain every stage of the process to you before I start, giving you time to ask questions.

First, I’ll take your 12 pulses (6 on each wrist), then using a healing herb, moxa, I’ll prepare the acupuncture points. The treatment is gentle, painless, effective and is safe for babies, children and pregnant women.

Sometimes, one session will be enough but usually, to begin with, it’s best to commit to six weekly sessions. As you begin to feel a significant improvement in your energy and overall health, treatments can be spread out, until you use 5 element acupuncture, when you need it.