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Late Summer

August 2022

As we move into Late Summer there is a humidity in the air that is not there in the height of summer. The earth, Gaia, is full, blossoming with fruits and orange and yellow flowers. The fields are golden and the smell of the sweet lime flower tree is exquisite.

This is the season connected to the element of Earth in the system of Five Element Acupuncture. It is the mother, Gaia and our connection to the earth and our own earth, our body.
The two organs associated with this season are the stomach and the spleen. Food is what nourishes our body and provides us with the nutrition to grow and be healthy. 

The stomach is responsible for the digestion of our food and the spleen for its transportation to all the functions in the body that will be transformed into energy. This is happens on all the body, mind and spirit levels.
Food nourishes not only our physical body but our minds and emotions and spirit.
The quality of our food is essential as any toxins will cause damage and will obstruct the vital forces to flow. Good, clean food, organic is best. Each one of us requires different types of nutrition depending on our own constitutional strengths and weaknesses and also our blood types. No one diet fits all. Our bodies will let us know what works for us and what does not if we are listening.

What happens if the earth is sick in us? There will be symptoms such as digestive problems with the gut and the intestines and more. There will be emotional anxieties and excessive mood changes and a disconnection to our earth that causes disassociation on other levels of our mind and spirit. 

The element of earth gives us compassion for ourselves and each other in its healthy state.
It is also linked to our relationships with our own mother. It is a beautiful element in its wholeness and being ness.

The colour associated with earth is yellow and the taste is sweet. There is so much sweetness that comes from earth in the fruits and the vegetables at this time of year.
Life is sweet.

Imbalance occurs when it becomes sickly sweet, obsessive, smothering whether in ourselves or others. This is earth calling for help, out of sync with itself.

There is a feeling to this time of year that is mellow and calmer than at the height of summer. Nature is energetically slower and much of the growing is complete. So we can also take stock and see what our harvest for this year is? What are the seeds we planted in the Spring? Which have come into fruition on a body, mind and spirit level? Which have not?

How is your earth?



May 2022

As I write this summer journal, the weather is very unpredictable. I have never seen so many white skies in May! When the sun does come its so warm and lovely. I am not happy with what is going on in the skies right now. Some of the days begin so beautifully as they naturally should, then the cross crossing in the skies create so much cloud and then cover the sun! This affects all our plant life and our abilities to integrate vitamin D which we all so need this time of year to build up our immune systems for the coming winter.

In 5 Element Acupuncture, summer is the season of joy, and is connected to the fire element. Its all natural as we would expect, fire, warmth, joy, love, circulation, relationship, happiness, fun, people and most of all so much more energy from the light.

We are not far from the mid summer equinox on June 20/21. At present we have more and more light coming into our earth than ever before from the Photon Belt, which is updating our DNA.
This is happening despite the cloud covering.
So what does this mean in terms of our health and well-being?

The organs we are looking at are the heart, the small intestines and the two functions of circulation and temperature control in the body.
These are connected to the fire element and have specific functions on the body, mind and spirit levels.

Aside from the physical mechanics of the heart, it is responsible for our ability to open up and feel joy. It is the most important organ in the body, mind and spirit. It is our centre where all love and kindness are given and received. If there is trauma associated with the heart, it shuts down. It no longer connects to the whole of us and we do not operate as a functional human being. To some degree and another we have all suffered heartbreak in this life. Lucky are the ones who have not. The emotional intensity affects the energetic workings of the heart meridian (energy channel) and this in turn affects the rest of the body particularly the lungs negatively. This can show up  as lack of energy, chest complaints, physical pain, colds, flu like symptoms and more.

If there is this going on in the heart, the small intestines will also be affected as the yang organ to the yin of the heart.
Apart from their physical aspects, they are responsible for sorting out what the body no longer needs and knowing the difference between what is needed and what is not on the body, mind and spirit levels. Our capacity to discriminate is down to the workings of our small intestines. This quality of discrimination is so vital now in the world we live in so we can navigate what is true for us and what is not.

With the two functions, circulation and temperature control, circulation is both the physical and the how we relate to both ourselves and those around us and how we individually relate to the world. If there is trauma here then we may feel that we are disconnected from ourselves and unable to connect and relate to others without anxiety and pain.
This can be helped by building the energy pathways and helping them recover.
Our temperature control system is always working 24/7 as it is constantly adjusting to changes both within our bodies and outside.
In summer if our weather becomes extreme and we are being exposed to cold and hot successively, it does affect the workings of these 2 functions in the body and can lower our immune systems and affect the heart. Any problems with our immune systems always have a knock on effect on the heart.
The organs and functions of the fire element are very important.

The fire element works in balance with the other elements of earth, metal, water and wood.
Its important that all elements work together so that we can live in balance with ourselves and live healthy lives.
5 Element acupuncture works in helping the body move into balance energetically, safety and effectively.

Have a lovely summer.



March 2022

As I write this the blackbirds are singing their very hearts out. Spring is here and with it some warm weather at last.

I am drinking fresh nettle tea which is blood purifying and cleansing, as this is the time for cleaning out the liver and gall bladder. You can pick the new fresh nettles before they start getting big which is when they become stingy.
Other herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion are also good for the wood element which is the element connected to spring and one of the 5 elements.

The sap is rising in nature and new life shows itself in many different ways. Green green grass, flowers, blossoms, and of course more natural daylight which is our light source for growth. More than ever more light is coming into our planet that we have never experienced before. Our DNA is evolving and our frequencies are rising to meet these unprecedented times.

Spring is the season connected to the wood element. The wood element is connected to rebirth and growth. It is where our vision comes from and where we make our plans for the coming year, just as the gardeners and farmers are planting their seeds and crops so that there will be a harvest later on in the year, so we must make our plans and decisions. The liver is the planner and the gall bladder is our decision maker.

As we are also in the month of Aries this also brings the energies needed to fire through these plans and activities. We are in sync with our natural world.

To help it along we can take our spring tonics to help our bodies throw off the toxicities of winter and allow a clear, clean vessel,  our body, to perform optimally, starting now.
Who doesn’t want to feel free of pain, have a clear head and energy.
Facing this can sometimes be difficult and it is then we can reach out and gain some support to jump start our own healing abilities. If we have symptoms such as headaches, pain, lack of energy, no vision, indecisiveness or inappropriate levels of frustration and anger. Anger is the emotion connected to the wood element. It is a rightful emotion and is important in our well being and survival, however when suppressed or repressed it becomes toxic and effects the liver negatively. This could be the time to get some help.

5 Element Acupuncture can do this. This elegant system of medicine, which goes back thousands of years and has stood the test of time, can help you constitutionally to meet the challenges of Spring 2022 and strengthen the body, mind and spirit to be the best it can be. You can then look forward to a good harvest come the Autumn whatever your harvest looks like and means to you.

Enjoy this beautiful time of rebirth.



December 2021

The winter season in the system of 5 Element Acupuncture is connected to the water element.

Water is essential to life we are made up of nearly 80% water, it effects everything in the bodymindspirit.
It is associated with fluidity and flow. Just think of a fast flowing stream or the lapping of waves in the ocean.
When our lives are flowing we generally feel good.
When they are not we don’t.
How are our lives flowing at the moment?
What and who is impeding that flow?
When we cannot flow with the movement of life, we become imbalance and open to disease.

The organs associated with winter are the kidneys and bladder.
The Nei Ching says “ when the kidneys are deficient…the spirit becomes easily provoked”,
The kidneys are the “ storehouse of the vital essence and the gateway to the stomach”.
The kidneys are not only important for the


The kidneys are responsible for the sexual functioning of our genitals and also they are important for the assimilation of nutrition and digestion.
They hold a key to our health and flexibility.
In winter they may emphasise certain symptoms such as digestive issues, depression, tiredness, lower back pain, and eliminatory problems.

The bladder, the other organ associated with the water element, is essential to life. When there are problems with the bladder there is an inability to adapt to life on every level.

Both the kidneys and the bladder are connected to symptoms such as vertigo, tinnitus, arthritis, and alopecia.

Each winter season is different and we never know how long or short it will be or what challenges we will have with our health.
Taking care of our water element strengthens our immune system as water effects everything.
Resting more and keeping warm are main concerns for us all.
We can always use 5 Element Acupuncture to support our water element and tonify our kidneys and bladder at this time of year.

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October 2021

I have been slow to write this Autumn journal knowing the summer and late summer have gone and the slowing down and letting go is happening around us all in nature.
The chill in the air came early, towards the end of August and the early morning mists began to roll in. Already the stillness in nature is palpable except for the windy days of which there have already been quite a few. The beautiful September sun was washed practically daily by downpours and the rain has been abundant here.

Spring was late so the trees are not all quite ready to let go of their leaves although there are some fiery displays. The dying has begun and there are some brave flowers still holding forth in our gardens displaying colours in the disappearing sunlight.

In the Traditional Five Element Tradition of Acupuncture Autumn is connected to the emotion of grief. This emotion is connected to the metal element. This element is associated with both our heavenly spirit and our physical father. The two organs that come into highlight in Autumn are the lungs and the colon, the lungs being the receiver of chi ( energy) and the colon, our dustbin collector, the organ in control of the letting go of the waste in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

The lungs are the yin and the colon the yang organs. Grief effects both these organs. In our culture grief is a difficult emotion as for each individual it will penetrate into the organs at different depths. When grief cannot be expressed and is suppressed, it will lodge in these two organs and cause imbalance in the system. Problems such as shortness of breath, coughs,  respiratory difficulties, bronchitis, pneumonia can be the result of unexpressed grief.

The colon also can be effected by producing symptoms such as congestion in the digestion, constipation, lack of energy, irritability, feelings of disconnection and separation and many other symptoms.

As nature goes through its letting go cycle, we are also letting go of what no longer works in our lives, whether its relationships, jobs, places, habits, and anything that prevents our moving forwards and growing. This can be done easily as in nature which is a natural process. Yes, sometimes the hard winds blow and there can be a few rough days but then it eases out again.

However sometimes we get stuck and can’t move on from something that perhaps has been there a long time or has been the result of many layers from the seven year cycles of our lives that have compacted and has jarred the beginning of the letting go cycle? This can be a time to reach out for some help? It is not always explainable as to what kind of help is needed? Perhaps it is just a feeling something is wrong, something doesn’t feel right?

Whatever it is that is enough for this energetic medicine to treat. Traditional 5 Element Acupuncture goes back many thousands of years and has stood the test of time. It is an elegant system of medicine, treating the body, mind and spirit. It is wholistic medicine which means that all organs, functions, bones, blood, joints are connected to the human being including their emotions, their mental capacity and their spirit.  The individual is a whole being and what happens in nature and the elements is reflected within.

Enjoy this beautiful season.


Late Summer

August 2021

The season of summer is past its zenith and we are in late summer the season of the element of earth.

Many plants have reached their growth and the golden hay and wheat fields have been or still being cut. The flowers of late summer, sunflowers, echinacea, asters, cornflowers, dahlias, herald this season. The sunrise is coming later and the sunset earlier with the descending timeline.

In 5 Element acupuncture this time of year is called the Earth element. It is the season most connected to Mother Earth, Gaia, and our own earthly mother.  It is associated with the 2 organs, the stomach, yang and the spleen, yin.

Emotionally this season is connected to sympathy and the ability to feel and connect to another. It is nurture, nourishment, homeliness, comforting and it creates safety and security.

It is the sweet flavour which reflects in the sweet fruits ripening and giving us the sweet foods we like. Right now as the queen of the meadow flowers recede, we have the blackberries and elderberries ripening in the hedgerows.

In our body, mind and spirit the earth element reflects in different ways.

The stomach is responsible for the digestion of food and the spleen transports the food to the rest of the body that requires the energy needed to keep all the functions operating. If these 2 organs are functioning healthily then balance and harmony can be maintained within the organ system.

If either the stomach or spleen are not functioning efficiently then all manner of symptoms can occur. There could be blockages of energy that manifest as extreme fatigue, tiredness all the time, pain, headaches, disconnection to the earth, irritability, constipation, diarrhoea, menstrual issues, fertility problems and many more symptoms.

By treating the earth element these symptoms can dissipate and balance and harmony can be restored. In 5 element acupuncture it is important to diagnose the causative factor of anyone’s symptoms. So an individual who has an earth imbalance would show through different ways that their earth element needed support, even though their symptoms may not indicate that clearly.

Emotionally and psychologically earth can be out of balance if the relationship to the physical/birth mother was not bonded or was dysfunctional.
The natural nurturing and healthiness associated with good mothering is stunted in different ways for each individual.
Problems such as digestive, adrenal and psychological can occur in stages, deepening through the 7 cycles of life.
5 element acupuncture can help the healing of these wounds by treating the earth within the individual which tonifies the energies in the body, mind and spirit assisting the progression of the healing of these original wounds.

Enjoy the mellowness of late summer and more gentle energies that this season brings us even in these turbulent times.



July 2021

As we have reached the last day in June, it was time for my Summer journal.
This summer so far has been one of extremes. Hot and cold, in and out, constant changing weather patterns all over the world not just in the U.K. so how does that effect us?

The summer season in 5 Element Acupuncture governs the fire element. This is the element that connects us to our joy inner and outer. It is the season of the greatest light and in 2021 there has been an expansion of the light coming into the planet not only from the sun but from the galaxy. All of this is helping our evolution and the upgrading of our cellular systems.

In relation to the organs  in the body, the heart and the small intestines are highlighted in the summer season. They are at their peak energies. The heart is central to our beingness and is key to our happiness and joy. If there have been woundings and hurts to the heart that have caused traumas in the past,  summer may not be an easy season to live through. However, it maybe a good time to begin to heal and let go of these old hurts and allow more joy into your life. Joy brings higher frequencies of energy into our systems and helps us navigate these changing times better. We are less likely to fall victim to the fear mongering that has reached extreme levels at this time that damages the heart and the adrenal system. The more joy and happiness we can feel, the more armoured we are to ward off the fear.

The small intestines are powerful organs. They are called the discriminator. They sort the wheat from the chaff. They provide us the ability to be able to look at information and decide what is true and what is not according to our own selves. They do that on a body, mind, emotional and spirit level. If they are not working efficiently it may be because of overloading and overwhelming experiences that have flooded the system. Sometimes they need clearing energetically to continue doing their much needed work. At this time especially we need to be using our discriminatory faculties acutely to navigate our day to day existence as everyday things are changing at a rapid pace.

5 element acupuncture can reach the levels that become disturbed energetically by using moxabustion and proactive needling. The key is knowing where to put the needles. People who are what are described in this system of medicine as “fire causative factor” usually respond very quickly to treatment. Its as if their systems are full of light and can heal in a way that other elements take more time to do. It may have something also to do with the fact that together with the heart and small intestines, there are 2 functions that belong to the fire element, the circulatory system and the heating and cooling system called the triple heater. Fire is the only element in the body that has 4.
Both these functions will respond to the temperature of the season and adjust accordingly. They are also responsible for how we connect to ourselves and to others in terms of our ability to relate to one another. Relationship is huge in a human beings life and how successful or not that happens is connected to the pericardium.

If these 2 functions are not balanced it can result in extreme behaviour patterns just like uncommon weather patterns in the summer. As within so without is true in relation to this.
A person could blow hot and cold for no apparent reason and this can be indicative of imbalance in the pericardium and triple heater.

Summer maybe your best or worst season depending on the balance and harmony of the fire element within you. We are effected by the seasons in more ways than we can imagine and this summer 2021 we are experiencing much more from the cosmos than at any other time in history.

Enjoy your beautiful summer.



April 2021

As we have waited so long for the Spring to rise and begin to flourish it feels like a long time since the first snow drops appeared.
This year Spring has been interrupted by cold spells and lack of rain. Now the season has taken hold and it is blooming and moving fast.

I have noticed the energies changing quickly and slowly not only externally but internally too. At one point it felt as if the rising Spring energies became stuck and I felt that as a resistance to adjust my habits accordingly. However, it now feels as if its back on track.

The absolute fullness of the appearance of nature in all its glory is astoundingly beautiful at this time of year. It is huge.

Just as in nature we can also feel these energies rising in our bodies. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and we can become very tired and not able to meet the demands of the season.

The 2 organs the liver and the gall bladder are once again highlighted as they are in their home seasons and are fully activated. At this time its a good idea to lighten the load of internal toxins whether they are caffeine, alcohol, sugar, drugs and to keep checking into your body to feel what it needs now. Our bodies are constantly changing and adapting more so now than ever before with all the new energies coming in.

Like a log falling over a stream and blocking the flow of water, our energies can become stuck and the flow is prevented causing symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains, feelings of not being oneself, and many other expressions of blocked energies.

The liver and the gall bladder are important organs at this time of year.
We need to have good decision making skills so that the plans for the coming year can be put into place and we have a sense of what our goals and intentions are for the coming year.

The farmer and all food growers need to plan what they are going to grow so that the ground can be prepared and the seeds planted. Everything in its season and then there can be the harvest in the Late Summer and Autumn.

Whatever your plan or intention is do you have the wherewithal and energy to put it into action? Can you move forward with the decisions that need to be made to get it done?
These 2 organs are crucial in allowing this to happen. Their health and vitality are key to these functions.

Anger is the emotion associated with the liver and gall bladder.
When our anger is suppressed or repressed this contributes to their toxicity.
Our organs are essential to our wellbeing and health of our body, mind and spirit.

We can do so much for ourself using the Spring foods, wild garlic, nettle, dandelion all cleansing and cleaning foods. Our Spring clean is a ritual whereby we take control of our own health.

Sometimes we do need help and in my experience energetic medicine can be good.
It can unblock and change the internal messaging within the organ system to redirect, unblock and allow the natural flow to occur in the body restoring balance and harmony in the individual.

Enjoy this Spring


Early Spring

February 2021

Let the Beauty
We love be
What we do

There are a hundred
Ways to kneel
And kiss the earth


Our Spring 2021 has begun early in spite of the very cold snap we experienced.
The sap has begun to rise slowly. The light is returning and it will not be long before the Spring Equinox.
All around the signs of early Spring, the smell of the air, the carpets of snowdrops, the beautiful smelling mimosas, the crocuses, the primroses all heralding the return of life to our soil.
The birds can be heard and are busy with their nests for the young to come.

In 5 Element Acupuncture, the Spring Season is associated with the wood element and the two organs, the liver, yang, and the gall bladder, yin.
This year because of the past year's extraordinary measures including the escalation of the emotion of fear, the lockdowns, the cancellation of social life and interactions, the wearing of masks, inhibiting the intake of oxygen into our brains and bodies and the increase of depression, the effects on the liver and gall bladder will be more profound.

It is a priority to take hold our health and well-being, body, mind, spirit and soul as they are all connected and put our health first as a priority.

The body clock of the liver and the gall bladder is between 11pm and 3am. At this time the 2 organs are at their peak energetically, meeting all their functions. Sleeping during this time is optimal unless you are someone who can do their best work at this time.

Equally between 11am and 3pm these 2 organs are working at their lowest capacity. This can effect major planning and decision making during these hours.

The practical steps at this time could be to help yourself with nutritious foods, dandelion coffee, dandelion tea and nettle teas are good cleansing drinks. Embarking on a liver detox as we move towards the Spring Equinox is helpful. A good 7/8 hours of sleep a night and being in bed before 11pm is beneficial. Regular exercise, walking, yoga/stretching, Pilates and dancing where you can. Being conscious of your thoughts throughout the day, are they positive?

Anger is the emotion connected to these 2 organ. Anger is a natural response and can be expressed safely if felt. This is a healthy response. Anger that is suppressed, repressed or violently expressed is not healthy. As anger is a natural emotion, it is protective to the self and is an indication that something is wrong or boundaries have been crossed or violated. It is protective.

If you have carried excessive anger in your body, the liver and the gall bladder are the 2 organs that have taken the brunt. We are therefore not only detoxifying the physical liver and gall bladder but also the emotional liver and gall bladder.

Sometimes we may need other therapeutic help as well as what we do for ourselves and/or have seasonal acupuncture. If anger was forbidden in childhood or through cultural programming this would seriously undermine the functioning of our wood element, the liver and the gall bladder, which effects everything else in the body. Suppressed anger contributes to depression. This needs to be treated wholistically to repair and release the emotions.

This early Spring we need more than ever to help our wood element, the liver and the gall bladder to be as healthy as they can be constitutionally for each one of us so that we can make the best plans, decisions and hold our best vision for the year ahead of us and plant the seeds of what we want to create for our lives, our families and our new future together.



November 2020

Dear Friends

Winter 2020 as we move into this season now its like no other for all of us.

In the U.K. we are in another lockdown and this time its different to the first one where we were heading into Spring and Summer. Its more difficult as the light is steadily moving into more darkness and we are heading up to the shortest day December 21 the winter solstice.
Energetically this will be a powerful change in our world if the astrological predictions are to come true.

We are turning inwards with the cold and the dark and connecting more to our yin selves. Nature is responding by withdrawing and retreating back to the earth for its hibernation and resting period. Leaves have fallen off the trees and the familiar black and white landscapes are back. The animals know what to do. They gather their food and find their warm and safe resting places for the duration of a winter that no one knows how it will be.

This year has seen massive abundance of berries on the trees. Perhaps predicting a colder spell than usual? Our own lives have been affected by external events extraordinary. The kidneys and bladder are the organs associated with winter in the five element tradition. Fear is the emotion connected to these 2 organs. Whatever vulnerabilities we may have concerning survival, food and our human fears will be highlighted by this season and particularly at this time. How are you?

Normally we would be busy, busy, busy getting lost in Christmas planning, shopping and organising, but not this year. We have been thrown back on ourselves so we are more aware of what we are feeling internally. Situations that could be passed over because of busyness are now staring us in the face. Can we face our fears? Can we meet our own individual histories now?

The water element connects us into our ancestral heritage, carrying with it all that has been passed down good and bad. Perhaps it is time to let go of what no longer serves us that has been inherited? This again is more important than ever at this time. Time to follow our true destiny and not someone else’s.

Our energy systems are being affected by winter  and we maybe more in touch with our true fears. Perhaps we are allowing our fears to overwhelm us and this affects our day to day thinking and energy levels.

Overwhelm and confusion can be destructive to our overall health and it is important to protect our body, mind and spirit from too much confusion and fear.
Coming back to our centres and resting more at this season all helps.
Calming the stormy waters within with meditation, self-care, good nutrition and good sleep help keep our systems in balance, also, good acupuncture.

This winter it is even more important to keep all systems in check so that we can come through this to the new year and a new Spring.

Be aware of any distressing, uncomfortable and painful signals that the body is giving you.
Perhaps seasonal acupuncture will help balance your system to integrate and to transition more easily into Winter.

Take care of yourselves.


Keeping healthy in the 21st Century

November 2020

We can take care of ourselves.
It is simple and easy to do when we know how?
All it takes is knowing what is good for us and doing it.
Its called “ Taking care of ourselves”.

It requires LISTENING to our bodies.
Our bodies talk to us - they tell us if:-

We ate good food
We slept enough
We have energy
We feel good

How do you feel right now?
Tired, hungry, thirsty, energetic, exhausted, quiet etc,.

It is important to know what you are feeling so you can take appropriate action.
We have an inner radar system, a guidance, a tracking system that is operating all the time.

If we eat something bad, our stomach tells us by giving us pain.
If we don’t drink enough water, our body hursts, we get pains and aches and headaches and by the time our mouth is dry we are dehydrated.
If we don’t sleep enough our brain can’t think, our body hurts.
If we don’t have energy we can’t do the things we need to do to enjoy our life.
If we don’t feel good, life hurts.


Good food is simple food. Food is your best medicine.

Fruit - apples, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, papaya, mangoes, citrus fruits etc,.

Vegetables - carrots, cucumber, broccoli, celery, onions, garlic, tomatoes, avocados, sweet potato, lettuce, radish, there are so many vegetables.

Protein - meat, fish, beans, pulses, lentils, cheese, milk, nuts and seeds.

Food is our fuel, it gives us energy and some of us need more than others depending on our constitutions, trust how you feel.


Our bodies are made up of 75/80% water. Water keeps all our cells, organs, bones, tendons, and vessels lubricated and working like oil in an engine. Water needs to be replaced daily water for water. The amount of water we individually need corresponds to our body weight, the more weight the more water we need.


Our bodies need to move. We are moving beings. We need to stretch, walk, run, dance, swim and play. If we sit a lot we need to stretch a lot. Again individual constitutions require different amounts of physical exercise. Go to what feels right.
Walking, running, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, chi gong, gym workouts, dancing are all different types of exercise that suit different constitutions.

Your body lets you know if you are doing something that does not suit it through FEELING
Learn how to listen to your feelings and understand them.
When you do something that makes you feel angry, your body is telling you that something is not right, its up to you to find out what it is and change it.


Sleeping is when we rest our body, mind and spirit. It is essential to create balance and harmony in your life.

How do you sleep?
When do you go to bed?
When do you get up?
How do you sleep?
Do you feel refreshed in the morning on waking?

A calm, restful room aids sleep. Pastel colours  in the room can aid sleep. Temperature is also important cooler rather than warmer. No electronic equipment in the room aids sleep.
A dark room helps the promotion of melatonin which aids sleep, so no bright lighting and blackouts on the windows if there are strong street lights outside.

Slowing down before going to bed is also part of the sleep routine.
Preferable no caffeine after 1pm and non-caffeinated drinks like chamomile tea aid sleep.
Also, no large meals after 7pm generally as a good routine. The stomach needs a lot of energy to digest food.
The quality of sleep is affected by colours, sounds, vibrations and energies, I am referring to electronic here.


What does it mean to feel good?

Life feels sweet when you can hear the birds sing.
Life feels sweet when stillness is comfortable and movement is exciting.
Life feels sweet when you feel centred in yourself and connected.
Life feels sweet when we can feel calm, cool and collected.

How do you feel?
This is the most important aspect of our life.
It is not about what we look like but how we feel inside of ourselves.
Your life is about finding out what that is and it is different for each one of us.


This is a very important word in our language.
It will define you from me.
Taking care of yourself is about using this word to create the boundary between what feels good for you and what feels good for me.
Our life is the most precious thing we have and no protects it.


A boundary is like an imaginary line that defines you from me. If something or someone breaks that boundary there will be a feeling created and that feeling is not pleasant. Boundaries are protective and are essential in creating our health and well-being on every level of the body, mind and spirit.




Sight is the ability to see. We can see the trees, the sky, the sea, the flowers, our friends, our reflection in a mirror. This is our physical sight.

We have other sights on other levels. We can see when someone loves us, doesn’t like us, judges us, criticises us and we can see when someone is upset.

Some of us can see into the future or see into what is not physically present, this is another sight on a different level.

We have all these different sights to help us on our journey of life.


We use our ears to hear birds sing, people talk, the waves on the beach, and the mower cutting the grass. This is our external hearing.

There is another kind of hearing, its sometimes an inner whisper, a guiding voice helping us move forward or alerting us to something important. Its a hearing on another level. It can come as a humming or a cracking its asking for our attention about something.


To smell is our ability to detect odour with our nose. We can smell bread baking, a fire burning, the sweet scent of a rose, when the milk has gone off.

We can also smell something is “ fishy” when something does not feel right?

You can smell a disease in someone’s body. Different organs when they are out of balance produce certain odours that are distinctive and can be used to identify the disease.


The tastebuds in our mouth distinguish the different tastes in food and drink. Our own individual tastebuds define whether we have preferences for certain flavours such as sour, sweet, spicy, savoury or bitter.

Taste can also refer to all manner of things in our worlds down to what colours you like for example or whether you like certain foods? It comes down to our unique and individual makeup and human beings with our own individual constitutions.


Feeling is energy it is alive, living. The effects of feeling can be seen on a persons face. Good feelings like joy, love, serenity, compassion, peace and beauty can be seen and communicated energetically to another but it is the person who is having the feeling is the one who is experiencing it.

Bad feelings like unease, discontent, resentment, hostility, rejection, revenge can also be felt and seen.

As we are now in a huge transition of our evolution in our world, we are seeing how important it is to clean up our feelings from the past and to bring in more light into our bodies so that we can move into a better more cooperative unified world where we can live with more peace and contentment.

How we feel MATTERS. MATTER/MOTHER to put ourselves in high regard, to respect ourself so that we can learn to evolve.

“ To thine own self be true, thence thou canst not hurt any other man...”

This is a saying from Socrates in Ancient Greece and by mattering to our self by mothering our self we can shift into the new world with love, truth and compassion for ourselves.


To know to be aware of, to be certain and to have remembered what is important to ourself/yourself.


To be conscious, mindful of our presence in the moment, in our thoughts, words and deeds. This is being alert, awake and present, an important aspect of defining ourself in the here and now.


This is such an important ability. The ability to discriminate between what works for us and what doesn’t. It is the ability to show good judgement and then to use the power of choice for our well-being and development.

The small intestines is the organ associated with this quality. When it is not functioning correctly it will affect our ability to discriminate and to separate what is good or bad for ourself.


Health is a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being accompanied by freedom from illness and pain.


Freedom is the key word here as this is the condition to be free to act and move without restrictions. Freedom is a fundamental right of every human being on the planet. Freedom to choose to have and appreciate our gift of life. We have a body, a mind and a spirit.

Mental and emotional health.

In a healthy human being it is important to have a positive mental attitude.

The Metaphysical writer Louise Hay once wrote”-

“ what we are choosing to think and say today, this moment, will create tomorrow and the next day and the next week and the next month and the next year etc. The point of power is always in the present moment. This where we begin to make changes”.

She suggests “ Take a little time to listen to the words you say. If you hear yourself saying something three times, write it down. It has become a pattern for you. At the end of the week, look at the list you have made and you will see how your words for your experiences. Be willing to change your words and thoughts - No one thinks in your mind but you”. ( page 4 Heal Your Body)


Deep at the centre of my being from L.


Deep at the centre of my being, there is an infinite well of love. I now allow this love to flow to the surface. It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless. The use of love MAKES ME FEEL GOOD, it is an expression of my inner joy.

I LOVE MYSELF; therefore, I take loving care of my body, I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages. I lovingly groom it and dress it and my body lovingly responds to me with vibrant health and energy. I love myself, therefore I provide for myself in a comfortable home, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in. I fill the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, myself included will feel this love and be nourished by it.

I LOVE MYSELF; therefore, I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities, working with and for people that I love and that love me, and earring a good income.

I LOVE MYSELF; therefore, I behave and think in a loving way to all people, for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied. I only attract loving people into my world, for they are a mirror of what I am.

I LOVE MYSELF; therefore, I live totally in the now, experiencing each moment as good and knowing that my future is bright and joyous and secure, for I am beloved child of the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me now and forever more.




September 2020

The Lungs and colon.

As the season is moving very quickly into Autumn from Late Summer, the weather has decidedly become cooler even though when the sun shines it is still warm.
2020 has been exceptional in so many ways. It is possible that we may still have an Indian summer but who can predict anything now?

Autumn is the season of letting go, so apt now as we are having to let go of our past “normal” into something unknown. The leaves haven’t begun to drop yet as it is very early but soon they will begin the slow dying process of changing colour and dropping from the trees. Hopefully we have the beautiful yellow, oranges and reds to appear in our natural world. Also, as the light begins to move towards the darker times of the winter to come, slowly we are adjusting and our bodies also are adjusting too.

The 2 organs associated with this time of year are the lungs and the colon.
The lungs are responsible for breathing the energy of life in. They are also responsible for breathing out the toxins we no longer require in our bodies.

Be careful of the carbon dioxide build up if wearing a mask for a long period of time unless you have a really good one that is only used once.

Any hereditary lung conditions can appear at the Autumn time of year. Also, the lungs are associated with the emotion of grief. This year there has been much grief with the loss of our freedom in lockdown and perhaps the normal loss of people we love or friends or associates who have naturally passed. Sometimes grief has stuck in our bodies from the past whether through trauma or loss or inherited  and has never been resolved or released and so caused the lung conditions or other related conditions in the body, mind and spirit.

We have in the past been taught to “get over it” when we have not been able to or ready to.
Welcoming our grief was not taught in our culture unless we grew up in a conscious family.
This stuck grief/sadness  stays in the body and becomes the cause of many respiratory diseases which creates imbalance and lack of energy.

Acupuncture can restore this imbalance and recalibrate the system back into normal functioning and harmony, particularly in the season that highlights the specific organs.

The colon is the yang organ associated with Autumn. It is called the dustbin collector as it collects all the wastes the body no longer needs and lets them go easily and efficiently.
It is connected to the ability to let go.
Let go of that which no longer serves you.
Let go of the feeling, the person, the job, the idea, the habit, and whatever else it might be so that something new, fresh and vibrant can enter your life.

If this action becomes blocked and stuck then there is a problem in letting go which then causes symptoms in the body that can manifest as digestive, emotional, psychological, or physical. Acupuncture can help restore balance and harmony and allows the energy to flow normally and efficiently so that you are free of future illnesses.

As we move into the latter part of 2020 our immune systems need to be strong and then we are equipped to face anything that comes towards up as that is what the immune system is built for.

Consider if any of this relates to you and if so have a seasonal acupuncture treatment and fortify yourself for this time.


Late Summer

July 2020

Late Summer 2020

Late Summer has come early this year and hopefully we will have a warm Indian Summer.
I have followed the seasons for decades and this season is different because of the lockdown.

This is our harvest time where the plans and the visions in early Spring would have been laid down and now we would be beginning to see the fruits of our labours. The farmers have got some of their hay in and because we have had so much rain, they are hoping to get the rest in, but it has not been a good year for hay because of the rain, like our plans that have been held back by the lockdown.

The fruits and berries are all around us right now, blackberries, elderberries, rose-hips  and the apples and pears grow  bigger each day.

The two organs associated with late summer are the stomach and spleen. When these two organs are out of balance, there can be imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. Problems with the digestion, increased anxiety levels, feeling of ungroundedness, loss of our “ground” particularly right now as the future is unknown.

Depending on our individual constitutions the body, mind and spirit can be enjoying late summer or not. The temperatures can be cloying and people describe this as “close” It can be our favourite season or our worst. We may not go too far from home, our comfort and security being very important to us. However, all this may have become more unsettled this year because of the enormous changes we have had to endure.

This can destabilise the body, mind and spirit and symptoms such as

Breathing problems Stomach upsets Physical pain in the body Insomnia Anxiety Obsessiveness Feelings of being lost Can occur.

Our symptoms are not separate from the whole of ourselves, body, mind and spirit. Perhaps the earth in you needs attention so that your system can come into balance and harmony with itself?

The seasons are amazing as each one highlights a different organ system in all our bodies but individually we respond completely differently depending on our unique constitutions.



June 2020

This is a summer like no other as we all have come to experience.

The Global lockdown as a result of the virus for the last 3 months has made a huge impact on the health of our natural world even though it has changed all our everyday lives completely. We are going to towards the mid point of the summer solstice where we experience the longest day, the most light on our planet, then the light will begin to descend.

Summer began with warmth and heat in May. May was abundant with hawthorn, lilac, peony and so many glorious scents in the warm air. June has been very different.

Unsettled, lots of rain, cooler weather but the elderflowers and roses still fill the air with their fragrance.

In 5 Element Acupuncture this is the season of joy, love and social interaction.

It is the season where we go out and spend much time particularly in the light filled evenings with others, exchanging our lives and feeling the human warmth and touch we share.

The fire element has 2 organs the heart and the small intestines and 2 functions, the circulation sex and the triple heater.

This summer is having considerable impact on the optimum workings of these organs and functions particularly for people who have deficiencies of any kind on the body, mind and spirit levels in the fire element.

Going our and circulating with each other has been curtailed in ways we have never experienced before.

Our circulatory systems will be forced inwards more and that will be bringing up how we relate to ourselves and our own inner workings of our being and our Internal lives.

How do we talk to ourselves, how do we treat ourselves?

Are we kind and loving to our inner self?

Are we compassionate with our self?

These aspects of our humanness will be highlighted by not being relational to the outside as much.

The fluctuations of temperature will put a strain on our triple heater, the heating and cooling system of the body.

Again depending on your individual constitutional element, this will vary from individual to individual.

The heart is the centre of love for ourselves and others. How much joy are you feeling?

How much joy and happiness are you experiencing?

This is the season of joy, Nature is abundant with joy right now and so the human being is a reflection of that or not?

Problems in the area of experiencing joy and happiness affect the heart in many ways on the body, mind and spirit levels. Sometimes this does not become apparent for many years and then one day something happens which appears to have come out of the blue but was years in the making.

The small intestines are responsible for discrimination and separation. If they are having difficulty it may be affecting your ability to separate the truth from that which is not true.

This aspect is so important now more than ever as we are being asked to trust our own instincts and gut as the world becomes more confusing. The small intestines are key to this. Their health and balance is crucial to eliminating confusion from our lives.

Being aware of this can help us move through the summer season easier.

At the moment receiving acupuncture is under review.

Having information is helpful to help you understand the power of the seasons on our individual systems. If Summer is your best or worst season it is saying something very significant about your constitutional health.

However, whatever brings you joy and happiness and delight you can add into your day in the simplest of ways that appeal to you. Doing this will help your fire organs and fire functions at this extraordinary time.

Sending love and warmth to you all.



March 2020

This Spring is not conscious of the virus that is pandemic in the world right now. It is coming in slowly and gently. All around we can see the yellows of the daffodils, celandines, dandelions, gorse and other beautiful flowers and plants. We have also the pinks and whites of the blossoms and the beautiful camellias so much colour but the most predominant colour of all are the many shades of green.

Green is the colour of the wood element. It is all around us and everyday more shoots, leaves and plants come into being. It is the new life, the new beginning, the new birth of a new season and year. It is the sap rising in the earth, coming through after the winter and the cold. It is the energy of planning and vision for the human being. It is not only the planting of the seeds in the garden but it is the planting of new ideas, new vision for our coming year so we can reap good harvests in our lives.

This year more so than any other Spring has come to give us the hope of a new future for ourselves and our world. If there is ever a time that we can plant new seeds it is now.
The quality of the vision and the planning can be dependent on the state of the 2 organs that come into their own in Spring.

The liver the organ of planning and vision and the gall bladder the organ of decision making have also greater energy at this time of year. If they are in good balance they will do their work effectively and energetically, if they are sluggish and out of balance they will not.

Some of us find the transition from Winter to Spring difficult because the wood element is out of balance. Seasonal acupuncture restores this balance in the 2 organs affected.
Other things that we can do is to use cleansing herbs like nettle and milk thistle.

Anger is the emotion connected to the liver and gall bladder. This can be in balance or not. Sometimes excessive anger suggests an imbalance in the wood element sometimes its the lack of anger that is saying something needs attention here.

Spring brings hope and if there is no hope the wood element is suffering and is calling for our attention. The Gorse is the flower of hope. This can be taken as a Bach flower remedy to help.

This Spring is truly important as we all take care of our body, mind and spirit and the natural world is a reflection of our inner world, so the wood element can be given more attention this Spring than usual to keep our hope alive for the new beginning coming to our new future.

Take very good care.


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