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About 5 element acupuncture

Hello, I’m Irene Zalewski. I’m ready to accompany you on the path to feeling well.

Five element acupuncture is a unique and holistic treatment which can help create a feeling of wellbeing, relieve stress and boost the immune system.



It has transformed me mentally and physically. Irene has a calm, gentle and unchallenging working approach. She always gives me 100% of her attention throughout each session and leaves me with a sense of tremendous wellbeing.

Debbie Carling - Dental Hygienist

I have been seeing Irene for over a year now. I looked for a new acupuncturist after the lady I had been seeing for some time moved abroad. I found it hard to find someone I could really feel a benefit from at first and finally I was

lucky enough to find Irene. I have benefited hugely from our sessions, having had challenges with my immunity

in the past. I always feel so good after I have seen her. She treats me in a holistic way – we discuss diet, astrology and lot more. She has really opened my eyes to a lot of things.

I would recommend Irene to anyone who wants to experience the huge benefits that 5 element acupuncture has to offer.

Thank you Irene – you always brighten up my day!

Corinne Gardner : Senior Account Director

I had the great fortune to meet Irene two years ago when I was first living in London, at Triyoga where she was practicing then. During my first treatment I was smitten with her delivery of the five elements style of acupuncture, having experienced other forms, this style resonated with me completely, mind, body and spirit.

Irene exudes her depth and dedication in a very calming and centering way creating the environment for a relaxed and profound session. I continue to work with Irene and seek her support whenever I return to London, our sessions connect me to my inner home, my calm peaceful self.

I believe we are energy beings and thus support that idea with modalities like acupuncture. Irene is an amazing long time practitioner, I whole heartedly recommend her often to friends and here now in sharing a few words to

those that read this.

Lora Sheldon : Yin Yoga Teacher

Gentle intuitive healing

I’ve always been interested in health and the process of self-development, stemming from my own health challenges. I started with nutrition, yoga and herbal medicine, which led me to 5 element acupuncture. I read about the ancient art and was inspired to study it. Since 1987, I have been a practising, licensed acupuncturist.

I studied at The College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Royal Leamington Spa where Professor JR Worsley taught and who brought 5 element acupuncture to England in the sixties. I have integrated my knowledge and study of nutrition, bodywork, trauma healing, narcissistic abuse recovery, EFT, psychology, breath work, and other healing arts with my practice of five element acupuncture.

By practising gentle intuitive acupuncture with care and compassion, I continue to appreciate and am deeply grateful at the way this system works with each individual that comes to me.

Irene Zalewski Ba(Hons)Lic.Ac.

Memberships and Associations

I am a member of the FHT (federation of Holistic Therapists)

My membership covers me with full insurances and I follow their stringent code of ethics.